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I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did on my 2003 Silverado. I had been having trouble with my gauge cluster working off and on for almost a year. If I had known it was going to be this easy to get it fixed I would have had it done a long time ago.Awesome service,awesome price and awesome people to work with.Works like a brand new. Again Thanks.

Chev Cavalier

I sent my Instrument Cluster to Utah from Canada.I received excellent service from the beginning to completion.The service was expedient and very professional. They answered every question I had and I was treated with the utmost respect.It is a real pleasure to see all of my gauges working along with the upgrade they installed bright blue led lights and they look fantastic A quality Company with Quality people I will recommend this Company to anyone No reason to settle for less

Instrument Cluster

I am so relieved and amazed at how PROFESSIONAL, KIND, COURTEOUS, AND HELPFUL this company is. They own up to what they say they will do and they make it painless every step of the way. I have come across too many money hungry companies with poor service and no quality products that make it near impossible to contact them once they have your money. I most definitely will recommend these awesome people. I will be sure to spread the word. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXCELLENT SERVICE. Sincerely, a happy customer

Great Job!!

I’ve never written a review for anything before but I felt compelled to write one for Russ, Jeramy, and all the folks at Absolute Automotive. The service I received is literally second to none. The staff answered all my questions and rebuilt my Instrument Cluster at less than half the cost of my local OEM. Plus it came with a lifetime warranty. If you need a new cluster you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t send it to Russ and company and let them do it. The turn around was fast and the result was outstanding. 5 Stars guys for a great job!
Don Younger, Coweta, Oklahoma

This company and their service is outstanding

This company did everything that they advertised they would do and in the time frame that they said and at the cost they committed to. My cluster works better than it did when it was new. These guys are really good. I will pass the word around about this experience. Thanks again

Silverado Cluster

Would like to thank the staff that did the repair on my cluster. I can see my odometer and gear selector again!!! I also upgraded to the blue lights and it looks awesome. Very professional when we spoke on the phone a couple of times. Have already recommended to multiple people. Thanks again.

05 Silverado Instrument Cluster

Received my cluster back and got it installed with no problems. Took my truck for a short drive and everything seems to be working fine. Thank-you


Impressive service and value. We lived with a cluster that didn’t work for nearly 4 years. We finally decided to do something about it. Previously, we had contacted a former Pontiac dealer. What a Joke. They told me there was a (secret pseudo) warranty had we contacted them earlier. GM is well aware of the problem. They offered a discount on parts but we had to pay full labor rate. Looked online and found this company. They provided everything they promised plus some. As someone mentioned before, you call and actually talk to someone. We had shared that we were going on a family road trip vacation and would like to get the cluster repaired asap. And yes they did. They turned it around the same day they received it. I got the cluster back and for a moment, I thought they sent me a new unit. Perfectly cleaned without a finger print on it. I reinstalled it and it works perfectly. A month has passed since the install and no problems. I highly recommend these people – thank you

Amazing Job!

They did a great job repairing my 2003 Chevy Duramax Diesel. The cluster is just as good if not better than when the truck was brand new! I am on a really tight schedule and am very busy so they completely worked around my schedule. They were very friendly and run a very good operation and I will continue to use them with all of my gauge clusters time and time again.

’04 Cavalier Cluster

The guys over at GM Instrument Cluster Repair did an awesome job bench testing, then upgrading my Cavi’s cluster to LED. What a frickin’ difference man! Glow in the dark or what?!! Turnaround time was pretty quick too, earlier than what I was first told! I highly recommend giving your cluster to these guys for a repair or upgrade, they know their stuff!!

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