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Impressive service and value. We lived with a cluster that didn’t work for nearly 4 years. We finally decided to do something about it. Previously, we had contacted a former Pontiac dealer. What a Joke. They told me there was a (secret pseudo) warranty had we contacted them earlier. GM is well aware of the problem. They offered a discount on parts but we had to pay full labor rate. Looked online and found this company. They provided everything they promised plus some. As someone mentioned before, you call and actually talk to someone. We had shared that we were going on a family road trip vacation and would like to get the cluster repaired asap. And yes they did. They turned it around the same day they received it. I got the cluster back and for a moment, I thought they sent me a new unit. Perfectly cleaned without a finger print on it. I reinstalled it and it works perfectly. A month has passed since the install and no problems. I highly recommend these people – thank you

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