Our Process

Here at GM Instrument Cluster, we are dedicated to addressing all of your concerns with your malfunctioning instrument cluster with our rebuild, repair, and upgrade services. We know that having your cluster out of your car is inconvenient, which is why we are dedicated to performing fast, quality work in order to return your fixed cluster to you.

Individual Repair Options Process

While we recommend a holistic approach to your cluster repairs, we also offer our customers repair options for individual cluster components (gauges, lenses, bulbs, and more). The process for these à la carte services is as follows:

  1. Fill out our Free Shipping* form here on our website and print out a pre-paid UPS standard shipping label.
  2. Remove your cluster from your car. For help with that, view our tutorial videos.
  3. Package your cluster well in a box,  apply the prepaid shipping label to the box. Then, send it off to us!
  4. Your cluster arrives at our shop, and our team performs a bench test on it. We then contact you to go over the repairs and upgrades you would like made, and take a credit card payment over the phone.
  5. Our technicians perform requested repairs within 2-3 days of receiving it, then send it back to you the next day.

Here at GM Instrument cluster, our team enjoys being able to perform these important repairs to make your driving experience safer. Get your repairs underway by filling out your shipping form.

*All cluster repairs include FREE shipping to our shop. Customers must pay a flat fee of $24.00 for return shipping. Cluster may take 3-6 days to travel in each direction. Contact us for quicker shipping. Additional charges may apply.