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Cluster Exchanges Process

Having no instrument cluster in your car means that you’re short a vehicle until the cluster is repaired and sent back. While our team operates with fast turnaround times, we understand that it’s inconvenient to be unable to drive your car while waiting for the cluster to be shipped back and forth.

At GM Instrument cluster, we offer the option to buy a fully rebuilt cluster, and exchange in your old one. This cuts your wait time in half, and allows for a smooth transition between clusters.

  1. Prepay for the rebuilt cluster and core charge here on our website, as well as for any discounted upgrades you would like.
  2. Report the mileage on your current odometer so we can accurately input it into the new odometer.
  3. Once you have completed the transaction, we will ship you a fully rebuilt cluster. Shipping generally takes 3-6 days. We will also email you a prepaid shipping label so that you can send us your old cluster free of charge.
  4. When your rebuilt cluster arrives, remove your old cluster from your vehicle, and insert the new one. For help with that, view our tutorial videos.
  5. Package your old cluster well in a box, print the UPS label, and apply it to the box. Then, send it off to us!
  6. When your old cluster arrives at our shop, the core charge will be returned to you.

Our technicians love providing you with a time-efficient option to get a working cluster in place.