Rebuild It

Full Rebuild VIP Service Process

When one of your gauges goes down, that is a red flag that other gauges may be quick to follow. When our team at GM Instrument Cluster performs a full rebuild, they ensure that all gauges are tested, fixed, and functioning at peak performance. This way, you avoid the all-too-common nuisance of having one gauge repaired, and shortly later needing to send in your cluster a second time to fix a different gauge when it starts acting up too. All full rebuilds are given priority, and will be fixed with 24 hour turnaround time.

When you opt for our full rebuild service, you follow these steps:

  1. Prepay here on our website for the rebuild, and for any discounted upgrades you would like. You will be asked to fill out a Free Shipping* form.
  2. Once you have completed the transaction, you’ll be able to print a pre-paid UPS standard shipping label.
  3. Remove your cluster from your car. For help with that, view our tutorial videos.
  4. Package your cluster well in a box, print the UPS label, and apply it to the box. Then, send it off to us!
  5. When your cluster arrives, our team will perform the full rebuild, add the upgrades, and send your cluster back to you. For full rebuilds, our turnaround time is 24 hrs.

And then you’re done, with a perfectly operative instrument cluster again!

Send your cluster in today for a fast, comprehensive rebuild that will keep your cluster working better for much longer!