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Here at Absolute Automotive and GMInstrumentcluster.com, we understand how quickly costs add up for vehicle repairs and maintenance. Between oil changes, new tires, and brakes servicing, the last thing you need is to spend an arm and a leg replacing a broken instrument panel, too.

Inexpensive Instrument Panel Cluster Repairs

Don’t let an expensive instrument cluster replacement be your first resort. At our shop, our GM Master Certified Technicians can repair your instrument cluster at much less cost to you! Whether problems are big or small, we can fix them fast, an in the rare situation where your cluster can’t be repaired, our replacement costs for a panel are much cheaper than anywhere else.

We repair auto, digital, and even custom instrument clusters—and all of our instrument cluster repairs come backed by warranty. Learn about the details of our repair process and benefits by visiting the pages below.

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Experience quality, lightning-speed service. We even offer free shipping!

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Our Process

First, mail your instrument panel cluster to us. We’ll repair it in record time and send it right back.

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Our affordable instrument panel cluster repair and exchange options.

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Cars We Repair

We repair instrument clusters for all GM makes and models.

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Add custom LEDs, needles, faces, and more while your cluster is in for repairs.

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We offer a lifetime Warranty on all cluster components we repair.

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